Friday, May 13, 2011

The EVENT has Been Canceled, but is Being Shopped Around

Today is Friday the 13th, and it was bad luck to be a The EVENT fan today.  The EVENT was canceled by NBC.  Nick Wauters (Creator & Co-Executive Producer of The EVENT) posted on Twitter earlier this afternoon:
 "Alas  will not be back on NBC next season but we are actively pursuing other avenues to keep the show alive.Stay tuned for more info!" is reporting that one of the outlets possibly being pursued is the new original programming player Netflix.

Jimmy in GA


  1. Why not the SyFy channel? Perfect fit, don't you think? What can the viewers do to keep this show alive?!

  2. I am a professional NY marketer and media planner and buyer. I professionally market nation clients and place their media buys. My insights are not only those of a viewer, but they are professional insights, as well.

    1. The Event has not been promoted sufficiently. It was not made into a media blitz with an effective Facebook campaign or a promotion to hold the audience. The networks are not using these assisting media properly to assist tv hold audience. This program could have been tied in to a variety of to save the planet, for world peace, etc. or an airline (airplane disappeared)...I'd have to really brainstorm to come up with a truly perfect idea, but something easily could have been done. Had a good promotional idea been implemented, this excellent, thoughtful and intelligent program (finally an intelligent program) would not have not needed to be cancelled; rather, it could gave been your no.1 show. Think about how you could have used interest in alien conspiracy theory to have stretched interest in the program. Someone like Dan Akroid (ie) could have ended each show with Twitter or Facebook topic. :10's and :30's could have been promoted during prime programming. This could have been a huge blitz that sponsors would gladly have lent their names to, an additional means of revenue for the program, time slot, and network.

    2. Speaking of time slot, the time the program aired could have been moved...Monday may not have been the best day for the program. Why not move the show to another time slot before having pulled it, or when you saw the ratings falling.

    One if the biggest online search categories is UFO's and aliens. The American public loves this subject, and yet you're letting an intelligent program slip away. The low ratings are a function of a weak promotional opportunity accompanying the show, an unwillingness of management to adapt the show to a different slot, and an overall lack of promotion. The actors weren't out there on talk shows, beefing up the idea and selling it.

    This IS a hit show. The acting was incredible. The suspense was great. The multiple story lines were brilliant. Sometimes I did find some element of predictability trite, but also comforting (the feeling of, "yeah....I thought that would happen. So, I feel you're letting a gem go, with gem acting, and...the ability to have made excellent ad profit through this program and accompanying promotions that could have been built around it.

  3. I couldnt agree with you more. I hope it finds a place on cable not netflix my internet isnt that fast. Reminds me of Jericho I got into it and it gets canned.